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How did I started blogging September 6, 2009

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Hello world!

I started blogging after wasting three good years! I used to read about successful people stories about blogging, but I couldn’t just take the decision right away and start blogging , I admit that I wasted my time, I should have started long time , but anyways Life is beautiful..its not too late as long as I am still alive!

Why does blogs help

Blogs help build brand awareness They generate natural incoming back-links, a must for success in Google. Blogs allow you the means to update your site easily and let other sites know about your site. A blog allows you to participate in many communities. There’s so much a blog can do for any business. 

Use blogging

  • as a way of efficiently collecting notes
  • of bouncing ideas off other people
  • as a way to refine my own thought process
  • to perhaps gain some exposure to search engines, and credible links

So, what are you waiting for?

I am just starting a blog now and I am realizing that it takes time and effort. I can totally see the advantages to WordPress, without a doubt.

How to get started

  1. Go to and sign up…Yea sign up NOW
  2. Start a blog, and write good content. Figure out what other “popular” bloggers are writing about, and write about the same thing. Add your own spin to it.
  3. Or, write about innovative or new things your library is doing
  4. make sure to link to other blogger’s posts when writing your own post (making sure the link is actually relevant, of course) … cause we’ll notice. Most of us have vanity feeds set up to monitor what others say about us.
  5. Start commenting on blog posts (and leave your blog URL in the comments). That gets you noticed in two ways: 1. if you comment on my blog, I’ll notice 2. people interested in the topic will notice – they’ll comment, they’ll see your comment, and they’ll very likely check your blog post out, as well.
  6. Speaking or writing anywhere? Make sure to mention your blog.
  7. And then keep it up. Again – I`ve just started and I know  Building up an audience takes time but worth it.



Good Luck.



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