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How did I started blogging September 6, 2009

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Hello world!

I started blogging after wasting three good years! I used to read about successful people stories about blogging, but I couldn’t just take the decision right away and start blogging , I admit that I wasted my time, I should have started long time , but anyways Life is beautiful..its not too late as long as I am still alive!




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Children from the age of two they can understand your actions and talk, don’t take advantage and think that they are babies and they cannot understand the things you do in front of them.

  • Be careful with all the things you do in front of your children
  • Be careful with all the things you say in front of your children
  • Be careful with your movements in front of your children

Try to create good relationship with them, as being not just a parent but a friend

Let them feel free to speak their mind, and lead them to the right way and if they talks/speaks what they are not suppose to talk about, like foul words , bad language, try to make them know that is wrong and tell them what they are suppose to be and know.